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SkinStore's b.tan products are some of the best of their kind for many reasons, not least because their tanning products are vegan. That's right, they don't test their tanning products on animals. So, you can get the gorgeous glow you want without the guilt you sometimes get with products that are tested on animals. Their high-quality selection of tanning cosmetics work wonders as not only will they give your skin a healthy color, but you won't find that unappealing tanning smell that puts most people off wearing fake tan altogether.

B.tan specializes in providing paraben-free fake tan, with no other nasty products such as sulfates added to the ingredients. B.tan loves animals and humans alike, so they create beautifully bronzing products to align with your values.

You will find a selection of mousses, gradual tan, face tan, mists, and tanning mitts to create your best tan yet. B.tan products such as I Want The Darkest Tan Yet can transform your skin in just one hour, with no streaks and a lightweight feel. Gentle on your skin, you can get the beach look without spending hours under the hot sun. They don't just focus on very dark tans but work their way up to lighter shades, too. Shop b.tan with SkinStore, an official stockist of b.tan in the US.
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