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Founded by Phoebe Song, Snow Fox is a skincare line designed to provide a solution to super sensitive skin. Inspired by her own struggle with rosacea, Phoebe wanted to create unconventional products that are potent and all-natural but still get the job done. Initially, the Snow Fox skincare line was launched with only three products. Today, the brand has expanded to include an extensive range of skincare that delivers effective results while minimizing irritation.

Snow Fox's primary goal is to create natural products using natural ingredients that are just as potent and effective as synthetic formulations. That’s why all Snow Fox products are clean, professional-grade and free from parabens, artificial fragrances, and animal fats. Snow Fox products are also custom formulated using a blend of eastern and western methodologies to nourish, repair, and hydrate skin. Some of their best sellers include the Arctic Breeze Mask, the Omega Repair Cream, the Herbal Youth Mask, and the Hot Stone Facial Mask.

Snow Fox products do not only cater to sensitive skin but also other skin types, including normal, dry, and oily skin and Phoebe’s favorite is the Combo Skin Recovery Set. Shop the range at SkinStore, an official stockist of Snow Fox products in the US.

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